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Example projects updated

in GC FSM. Posted 6 April 2018
The example project has been recreated from scratch using Unreal 4.19. This version fixes the missing dependency with the GC FSM plugin as downloaded from the Marketplace. On the other hand I added some functional tests that will help me check future releases, to avoid breaking changes. Get the example project here.
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GC FSM available on the Unreal Marketplace

I am pleased to announce that version v1.0 of GC FSM is now available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. The published version supports Unreal 4.19, but the code base is perfectly compatible with Unreal 4.18. I’ll make sure to upload a separate 4.18-compatible version in the next update, so that support is properly advertised. Also, ...

GC FSM still under review

GC FSM is still under review from the Unreal Marketplace team. The process is taking a bit longer than expected… I can’t really blame the guy that has been assigned to review my plugin, it’s the process itself that isn’t very seller-friendly, especially for newcomers. Here are my considerations, written as a list of advices, ...

GC FSM is making progress

in GC FSM. Posted 19 March 2018
GC FSM is now compatible with Unreal 4.19! It still works with 4.18, of course. I also have good news from the Unreal Marketplace team: they contacted me saying that the code review is scheduled this week. Pending any changes that they will request, I am confident I’ll be able to deliver the plugin soon! ...

Unreal 4.19 Released

Still no news from the Marketplace team. I hope it doesn’t take too long. Anyway, now Unreal 4.19 has been released, so I am hard working to ensure compatibility with the new engine. Unfortunately, they have made significant changes to the UEdGraphNode class, which is extensively used by GC FSM, so there are a few ...