Example projects

Basic examples v1.1

Topics: basic examples v1.0 + showcasing the new v1.1 features

This second example project is a clone of the v1.0 project with the addition of the new features added in v1.1:

  • An FSM-driven menu system, running even when the game is paused
  • An example showing behaviour tree integration (yes, FSM and BT can coexist and cooperate)

Try now the playable HTML5 version of this example project.

Requirements: Unreal Engine 4.19.1, GC FSM v1.1.

Basic examples v1.0

Topics: Basic FSM, State classes, Timeouts

This first example project shows how to make a basic FSM, how to use state classes with arguments and timeout transitions.

UPDATE: fixed missing dependency with the plugin version as downloaded from the Marketplace.

UPDATE: added functional tests.

Requirements: Unreal Engine 4.19, GC FSM v1.0.