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Gamecentric is currently present on the App Store with its comic-book application Star Kirby Short Stories featuring art by Alessandro Bragalini.

However, you can’t develop middleware and tool for developing videogames if you never developed one. Alberto Barbati, the lead programmer at Gamecentric is in the videogame industry since year 2000. He worked on several projects great projects including Beyond Good & Evil and Splinter Cell Double Agent (Ubisoft). Alberto has a proven experience on several console platforms, from the old-but-good Nintendo GBA to the PS4 Pro. Recently, Alberto collaborated with Forge Reply at the following published projects:

A VR experience for PS4/Oculus/Vive (Unreal Engine)
An RPG gamebook for PC/PS4/X1/Switch and mobile (Unity)
A multiplayer twin-stick shooter for PS3/PS4/X1 (Unity)