GC FSM v1.2 available on the Marketplace

GC FSM v1.2 available on the Marketplace

I am pleased to announce that version 1.2 of GC FSM is now available on the Marketplace. This version is compatible with both Unreal 4.18 and 4.19 and supports all platforms, except Mac/iOS (actually those plaftforms should also work, but they can’t be advertised on the Marketplace due to issues with the toolchain).

This new version introduces a new exciting feature: Local FSM States. These behave identically to “regular” FSM states, except that the OnEntry/OnTick/OnExit notification can be handled right in the event graph of the object running the FSM instead of in a separate class. While having a separate class is good for re-use and complexity management, local states can be very convenient. In particular, local states allow an FSM to interact with actor timelines, since those can only be manipulated from the actor event graph.

Other improvements and fixes in this release:

  • The default list of transitions events when you place a state node can now be customized in the Project Settings/Plugins/GCFSM panel
  • The messages in the Visual Logger have been redesigned by including the state name and are now much more helpful
  • Leaving a state node with an unconnected event pin would have caused a crash if the event was triggered. Now the event is ignored and a warning is emit at compile time
  • Right-clicking on a node without an implementation class no longer makes the “Create New Implementation” dialog to appear, blocking the access to the context menu

The documentation on being updated to include the new feature.

A special thank goes to Frederick Desimpel whose feedback has been extremely valuable and in particular for giving me the idea of local states.

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