Yearly Archives: 2018

GC FSM v1.5.3: bug fixing time!

in GC FSM. Posted 20 August 2018
Another minor release to fix a few bugs. First of all, there was a regression on Unreal 4.20: under certain circumstances, FSMs would stop and disappear unexpectedly. It turned out the problem was caused by the recent optimizations in the garbage collector. Many thanks to users eanticev, Albie_123 and woodzong for their very detailed reports ...

GC FSM on Sale!

in GC FSM. Posted 5 June 2018
GC FSM participates to the Unreal Marketplace Summer Sales and is now available at a 30% discount for a limited time! GC FSM brings you the expressive power of hierarchical, network replicated, finite state machines in your blueprints.

Network replication is coming!

in GC FSM. Posted 25 May 2018
I’m pleased to announce that I have implemented support for FSM network replication in GC FSM. I am now in the process of the final testing and writing documentation for the new feature. The modifications were quite extensive, so my first priority is to not introduce regression in the current feature set. The new feature ...